Thelma Gets a Present

Remember this guy?

It's Jim Harvey from

When Thelma and I had initially passed through Utah a month ago and met him at the Adventure Summit Rally, Jim had kindly offered to craft one of his fantastic lugage racks for Thelma (having first laughed his head off at the Mongolian welding holding it together). Thelma spent a day with Jim and now here we were, back again to pick up the finished product, complete with a very nice powder coating.

I had to confess to having been riding on the Bonneville Salt Flats

And so he produced a hose pipe and we began washing Thelma down

Until he realised I was in supervising mode and passed the hose over to me

My trousers were quite salty looking as well

With Thelma clean(er!), he compared the old racks to the new ones...

No comparison.
and then started putting them on

the finished product

They look fantastic and they will last a very long time

Huge thanks to Jim.