Tahoe and Auburn

As I left the muddy puddle/reservoir, I took comfort from the "care package" that had thoughtfully been provided by my friends at Bear Lake.

Food parcels from Yanks to Brits are an old tradition but still gratefully received. A bit squashed after a day in my tankbag but it still tasted good.

I finally made it to Lake Tahoe, it's a sort of Yank version of Lake Titicaca but with Taco Bell and McDonalds. I headed down onto the beach

and had a swim, chilly but nowhere near as cold as the sea in Cornwall, I did seem to be the only adult in the water. Then back into my sweltering bike gear, persuaded a surprised Russian tourist to take my photo

I would have liked to stay by the lake and find somewhere to camp on the south side, but I didn't have time. I joined the traffic heading out of the moutains, oh the joy of filtering through the queues at the roadworks, as I went down to Auburn, got there just in time to find out that the pasty shops had closed for the day. I had no idea there were pasty shops in America, I'll have to save those for another visit.

My hosts in Auburn were Al and Holly, many thanks to them for their hospitality, and for all the bike chat. Here is Al with his Airhead BMW- older than Thelma and even more miles