Sun, Sand and... Snow

I'd been enjoying the riding and the different scenery in south eastern Utah

and despite the heat, when some nights I didn't need to put the flysheet on my tent

I was starting to get confused about the difference between deer and antelope...or are they all called deer down here? At times it seemed like they were watching me from every hill top

But it was time to start heading north, I had the Adventure summit at Salt Lake City to get to, and to reach it, I had to go in search of tarmac- this seemed to be the stuff I was looking for

and at times I found myself just chasing tumbleweed

look closely enough and you'll see the tumbleweed in front of me- this was another picture where Thelma is holding the camera, getting things in focus is not really her forte

Avoiding the highway itslef, I managed to find a couple more dirt tracks, including one witht he unusual name of Consumers Road

things were starting to get a bit green as I went north, and I was having to layer up again, I soon found out why I was feeling chilly, not sure what altitude I was at, but there was plenty of snow around

In fact 40 minutes later when I reached a much-needed petrol station in the valley, the other bikers looked on in amazement as I pulled off my helmet, I wasn't sure if it was my extremely dishevelled appearance or the fashion faux pas of plaits with a balaclava (take note folks, that is NEVER a good look). But actually it turned out these riders were from Texas and had never seen a balaclavaI told them they hadn't lived.