The Storming of the Bastille

And we're not talking about the weather in New Orleans, although it wasn't exactly sunshine and blue skies

Downtown New Orleans and it had stopped raining, these people seemed to be following us

yep, it's the tourists on the Segways, they looked relieved that it had stopped pouring

In a rare nod towards the Arts, I went in search of some and found....Banksy (look him up if you don't know this guy's art- he's incredible)

I like to think he may have used me as his inspiration

We caught up with some French friends and having sampled some cocktails, went out

we were celebrating Bastille Day and what better place than New Orleans,
We wandered back down to the Mississippi

To enjoy the fireworks

As these were going off, our group were singing the Marsellaise, but the Americans didn't seem to realise what song it is.

Then a bar, where to the french group's delight, they could smoke

and we met some of these guys

New Orleans hosts its own version of Pamplona's Running of the Bulls, except in this case the bulls are the local Roller Derby team - The Big Easy Roller Girls. On their roller skates they pursue various hapless people who are dressed as matadors in white and red through the streets of the city.

Harking back to my ride across Siberia, we ended up in a Russian themed pub, where even the loos had this sign.