Still with the GS Giants

There is a lot to see and do at the MOA Rally, including the rather bizarre firing of a heavy item into the air every day at 4pmI'm not sure what that was about.

Plenty of talks and seminars and also all the exhibitors, including several old friends, so I had quite a social time.

An evening in the bar with the GS Giants

Houston had his tattoos on display

Meanwhile, there was some "work" being done at the off-road course

The sneaky sods are making everything wetter including the already deep, slippery and tricky mud section. Step forward the driver...

Yep, it's that Sonny Johns from Texas - he had a bit of a telling off from me about making the course more difficult.

The next day I tracked down a bike similar to Thelma

Her owner agreed he had the same wheels as me, and then while he was looking the other way, I proceeded to remove the rear one.

I popped the wheel onto Thelma and went for a practice run in daylight

Although the tyre was well-worn, it was a good deal better than the tyre I already had and so I negotiated to borrow the wheel for the competition. Step forward Scott "Voice of a Choirboy" Nogrady

Owner of the GS in question and who happily agreed to share his wheel with me, the only slight obstacle being that he was also competing, so we would need a bit of slick work in the pits to swap over the wheels between bouts.


Yes, the woman who does not like competitions and hates it when people are watching her ride had agreed (over a beer or two) to take part in the GS Giants competition. As the smallest person and sole female competing I wasn't in with a chance but I hoped I might inspire other women to take part. Everyone was very supportive and now that I had the offer of Scott's wheel, I would at least be able to get Thelma around the track through the mud and sand.

The competition was due to take place the next day so we all went out to discuss the bar However, the guys were distracted by the karaoke

and proceeded to bring the bar down with their singing

Even after the DJ had tried to finish, the guys were still passing the microphone aorund the table...Green Day's Closing Time will never sound the same again to me after its raucous rendition by the GS Giants