The South

While having a sandwich break in the shade of some trees I noticed these funny looking leaves
on closer inspection turned out to be some sort of insects – David Attenborough eat your heart out
The The sun started setting and another tortoise appeared, with striking geometric patterns on its shell.

Again this one was a bit camera shy as well. I didn't see any people, but passed quite a few tombs - nearly all with strange images on them

Some looking like the drawings of a child. The tops decorated with zebu skulls

Having managed to cross the worst of the Badlands without any problems, I was trying to make it to the village of Beloha but the soft sand, long day of riding and my tiredness meant I was making slow progress. Looking out for a place to camp didn’t prove fruitful as I kept seeing huts off to the side of the track. Eventually I spotted a guy coming out of a small compound and asked him if I could camp there- he smiled and opened the gate. It was a bare looking place and I realised no-one else was around which felt odd, but selected a flat spot of ground and put up my tent, whilst Landry (he’d introduced himself) watched my every move with great interest.

Landry then brought over a rusty bucket of water from the well in the ground to have a wash, to be honest I felt too tired, but knowing that being clean is important to the people here, I used the water to wash the dust off. The locals strip and wash naked in the rivers but I kept shorts and bra on, as he squatted just three feet away watching as I washed.
He then disappeared into the dark and I retreated to my tent for a dinner of processed cheese and crisp sandwiches.