Something Different for the Weekend

With the 250 loaded up, I had the weekend ahead of me and I needed to beat the rush hour traffic getting out of town, Madagascar is similar to Mongolia in that there is a decided lack of paved roads- just five roads lead out of the capital so it's not too hard to find your way. I was soon weaving and filtering through the various vehicles as I made my way west to the Highlands.

The roads pretty soon got much quieter which was nice, the tarmac isn't bad except for the occasional pot hole.
I stopped for a cold drink from this guy...

The rural villages have only dirt roads and zebu carts- zebu being the African cattle with humps on their backs and big horns, they're used more like oxen as they plough with them and get them to pull heavily laden carts often with wheels made of iron-clad wood.

A dirt track led me to a clearing amongst some citrus trees, the sun was setting fast so I put up my tent just before it got dark (stealth camping at its best).

By the morning half the village had wandered past to say much for my stealth!!

Moving on I found a lovely spot by Lake Itasy and decided on a room for the night and a meal on the terrace overlooking the lake

I was delighted to find that not only did they offer tea but that it was served in a large tea pot.

I went for a wander around the village and found a laundry line with a difference. the locals wash their clothes in the river, then climb up the river bank and arrange the laundry on the bride railings to dry.

Street food is something I always try. This was unlike anything I had ever seen - was it meat or fish??

The guy selling it assured me it's sweet and definitely vegetarian friendly so I bought a slice.

I liked the way he served it wrapped in a piece of paper torn from a school exercise book - complete with a lesson written on it.