A Sombre Moment

I wandered around town and on the outskirts I spotted this tranquil place

The sign out front

It's the final resting place of Commonwealth Soldiers who died here during the Second World War, I found out a bit more about this remote part of the planet which had become embroiled in battle scenes that I mostly associated with Europe, the Far East and North Africa. This is one of the few places south of the equator that saw action including some Japanese midget submarines which entered the harbour .
I wandered around the cemetary, which is beautifully maintained, reading the inscriptions and feeling for these young men who had died a long way from home.

The Welsh Fusilier

The African Corporal

And the Belgian Soldier

And placed flowers on this Trooper's grave.

Great photos

 RIP, ...I have to say well done Tiffany , I enjoyed looking at these pics.

Thank You

Thanks, it really was a ery moving experience to be looking at all these graves, so lovingly cared for and so far from home.