Snowy Exploits

Snow everywhere

and snow tourists as well

We'd stopped close to the top- the worst was behind us (for the moment) and we wanted to get our breath back - a bit of a mistake at 4600m where oxygen is scarce. We were also fascinated by the snow tourists who flock up here from the hot plains . Above is a picture showing racks of fur coats for rent.
and here are some of the tourists, horseback rides and sledging being just some of the varied activities on offer

we took some photos and I get well and truly photo-bombed

Hmm, a bit over-friendly, not sure if it's the rather fetching balaclava that did it for him
we found some more normal people who wanted some photos with us

The woman in yellow is on her honeymoon, accompanied by not only her new husband but also various other members of the family.