The Snow is Beckoning

Apologies to those who may have got concerned about the sudden halt in the blog, I was unable to upload on my blog for quite a while, but I think it is sorted now.

We had got through the worst of the river crossings, and were now facing lots of water on a very broken-up road - you can see how fast flowing it is as it flows over my feet.
Luckily a bridge has been constructed over this particular river

and then we found ourselves in quite a dry valley, high up above the river

A flock of sheep and goats lurked alongside the road

It always amazes me the minimal amounts of grass and how so many animals can live on it.

We'd been following road signs promising ZingZing Bar ahead, and we finally reached this oasis of roadside refreshments after many miles of nothing

The reality of ZingZing Bar is...

A roadside tent with a bench outside and no hint of alcohol

Three bowls of Maggi noodles were swiftly served up and equally swiftly consumed as we sat in the sunshine enjoying the warmth.

With a great slogan signpost next to it

It's the shortest of breaks as we've still got a rather large mountain ahead of more snow again

As we passed the frozen lake - now not quite as frozen as it had been when I passed it two weeks ago