A Slight Hiccup

There seems to be bit of a theme of red rocky landscapes going on and I haven't even reached the National Parks yet

I'd made to out of the forest and the mountains into Moab, had a long late breakfast break and a large cup of tea.

took a look around the town, and as part of my points gathering for the adventure summit got a photo at the fire station, some antique looking pieces of equipment there.

In the supermarket I stocked up on food, ready for more wild camping, I was unable to resist lots of fresh fruit and then had problems trying to stuff it into the luggage on the bike. All set I went exploring some canyons

Unfortunately it was at this point that I realized I had a puncture and took a closer look

I could hear air hissing out- never a good sign, particularly when you're on a dirt track in a canyon, however, compared to where I had been riding over the past few days this was virtually a motorway. The hole that had been plugged five days ago was leaking air around the plug. Someone in a pick-up truck stopped and offered to help, he didn't have a compressor but said he would be coming back soon and would bring one with him which was very kind. Unfortunately I never saw him again, others stopped to ask if they could help, but I blithely waved them on, saying someone was coming back.
Time passed, vultures were wheeling in the sky above me and I was starting to make inroads in the fruit mountain I had in my bag.

A couple in a truck stopped - Randy and Judy from Colorado, I told them about the non-reappearance of the other guy so they decided to help.

Then Bob on an ATV stopped and he had a compressor and rope plugs,

the blokes were keen to to do the work so I said fine, go ahead.

In case you're wondering, yes, I have got a repair kit, although I don't carry a compressor and yes, I usually do my own repairs. However I was unsure about re-plugging a hole that had already been plugged once and so wanted to check. I've got my trusty hand pump which puts enough air in to get me out of trouble.