Sitting on a Bike in the Bay

The Bay area was as welcoming as ever.
I took to non-motorised two wheels, with a wild ride through the streets of downtown San Francisco on a borrowed push bike, wearing full bike gear except for my helmet.

these particular streets were fairly quiet, because guess where we were heading???

yep, a baseball game. actually I have been instructed that the correct terminology is Major League Ball Game

the streets were closed to allow for all the pedestrians, each corner carefully watched over by the entirely un-menacing presence of these funny vehicles

what I particularly liked about them was the slogan on the side

The SF Giants stadium has an amzing backdrop, gazing out at the water and all the ships.

However most people's attention/interest seemed more taken up by not the ball game but the food and drink opportunities
I weakened (any excuse to eat) and went in search of the local speciality which turned out to be garlic fries

I was with my friend Kevin and we settled down to eat the grease whilst he coached me in the rules, the jargon and all the funny stuff that happens during the game. I now feel quite at ease with the phrases "the bases are loaded" and "top of the 8th". No home runs but a good match as the Giants beat the Chicago Cubs. Someone asked where I had ridden from on my bike and I answered Chicago- which gave the impression that I was a hardcore Cubs fan.

The route home took us past some trams, I tried to grab a lift