Whoops, almost lost this picture, one of my favourite place name signs from the trip

I think they were onto a bit of a theme with those towns.

I have a theory about place names in America, as so many of them seem a bit bizarre to Brits (not that we don't have funny places names in England I hasten to add).
Obviously I've covered many thousands of miles in the US on this trip, and I've worked out that when the Yanks were naming their towns, they sat down armed with a dictionary, a map of the world and a page of birth and death announcements from the newspaper.

They'd flick through the dictionary to random page and pick any word, throw a dart at the map on the world for the next one and then randomly point a finger at an announcement in the paper.
This is how they ended up with
Parachute, Ethel and Lebanon on one road sign.