A Short Sojourn in South America

 First step was leaving Lands End

Yep, it's long distance travel with full bike gear and not a bike in sight as I took ferry, train and bus to get to Heathrow and flew out...my final destination being Antofagasta, Northern Chile (that's South America for the geographically challenged)

Hmm, Antofagasta, what can I say about it except that it's like Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with palm trees

It felt so wrong to be flying over the Equator, ever since I started this bike travel lark, I've only ever ridden across it, but needs must, this is not my journey but a mission for World of BMW
A smart looking R1200GS (that's a big bike if you don't know) and a new BMW GS Dry Suit

as I get transformed into...Tiffany Coates - Motorcycle Tour Guide

The bike has just over 9,000 miles on it, and not a psot of rust anywhere. I had 48 hours to get my bearings, sort out my paperwork and then await the group.
and here are some of my lovely group

 The bloke on the truck is Thomas, from Germany originally but living and working in Chile as a motorbike guide and mechanic for Motoaventura Chile.__________________