Ship Ahoy (Again)

Leaving the ferry and tearing ourselves away from the riverside scenes, such as boys collecting water

We head into ton and stopped at the first shaded place we saw, my sister is getting quite comfortable in her bike gear as you can see

We bumped into Nasulah - our river guide

who was so pleased to see us he did one of his mega watt smiles for the camera- he usually prefers to have a straight face for photos.

We seemed to be spending a lot of time on boats, we now needed to take yet another one

This one then sat there for an hour with us on it waiting to fill up with passengers before it will go.
Never mind, this is Africa and there's always plenty to watch, today it was the zebu washing competition

with particular emphasis being paid to the bums

I'm sitting comfortably, writing my journal

other boats are off-loading, they don't worry about niceties like a quay here!

car ferries are packed

Our boat was full, but the bloke in charge decided there was room for more, and a Suzuki 125 was passed in

Things got pretty cramped

You can see Suzi on the left side with the guy leaning over her - he's having to sit on the edge of the boat.