She's Leaving Town

It's early morning and the view from my tent looked like this

Standing in the foreground is the lovely Andre, who had ridden down from Canada solo for the first time, her husband hadn't been able to get the time off work and so she came on her own. To my good fortune, she set up tent next to me and proceeded to supply me with my early morning cup of tea in bed. All I needed to do was wave at her through the window/air vent on my tent and she would bring a cup over.

It had been a bit of a raucous night, and the evidence was obvious as I looked around

One GS Giant hadn't made it back to his tent....

I was busy, packing my stuff and trying to get it all to fit back into my panniers as well as the things I had been given such as my plaque for furthest travelled International Rider. The blue tarp attached to the fence was my attempt at getting soime shade for my camp spot- my Dad would be proud of me, as I checked my compass bearings when I arrived at the camp and chose this spot with the fence to the east so that I could create some shade, by 7.00am each morning it was already hot.I've got to confess, my camp site never looks like the most organised spot in the field and today was no different.

One more bike to take a photo of as it was picked up

 On the hunt for a souvenir, Thelma and I tried to fit the GS Giants' sign into our luggage, but it wasn't going to happen

We'd also acquired a mascot...and it's in the right colours

Saying goodbye to various friends and some of the great people I'd met, I struck lucky. The guys at Twisted Throttle (one of the GS Giants' sponsors) felt so sorry for me in my European winter coat - yep that's right I've been sweating through all this intense heat - hence the multiple bad hair days and me looking not at my best. Anyway, Erik and the guys produced a Macna summer jacket for me, complete with all those vents and mesh that I'd noticed the Yanks in this part of the world have.
How excited was I and it matched Thelma

We were both looking a bit more spruce, me in my jacket, Thelma with her new tyres as I loaded up my panniers, bidding farewell and headed out on my own once more- after eight days with the GS guys, it was a wrench saying goodbye and returning to my solitary ride, I knew I'd miss them all. I'd especially like to thank Ian who organised the GS Giants event (I was joking about nicking the sign, honest Ian!), Tracey the Queen and Score Keeper and all the rest of the women and guys for their friendship and the fun we had. I'd also like to thank the BMW MOA Rally organisers for inviting me to the Rally in the first place and Bill Mayer Saddles for getting me a vendor's pass to get in.