She's Leaving

Madagascar - Land of the bright green geckos

We're heading back to civilisation

A large boulder of rock being cut into pieces and sold at the roadside.

Back in Tana, we unloaded the bike.
The Librarian had a go at riding Suzi,

and did well

Last street food- some of this sweet stuff, which looks dodgy but tastes nice

We posed for our final pictures together– photos taken by an eight year old, hence the unusual angle.

Then dodging the watchful gaze of the Gendarmerie at the airport car park (their uniform is identical to the one worn in France)

Librarian does a last bit of re-packing (in the airport)

And she’s gone.
To say thanks to our host for the great hospitality, I clean his KTM bike

The finished product - even Thelma never looked this clean

And then relax with a cold beer and an email session on the computer,