Sea Crossing

It was time to leave the island which was when things went wrong, I lost the keys, Ok, misplaced- first time in 16 years of travel. And then I also have to admit there was a bit of a language barrier and we missed the proper ferry back to the mainland – it left at the unearthly hour of 4.30 and yet I’d been told it always goes at 6.30am.
This was our alternative boat

The one in the foreground, at least it's got life jackets.
And this was the one that Suzi would go in

– an open sea crossing and they crammed a LOT of bikes into what they were treating as a vehicle ferry

We think we look great in our life jackets!

We overtook the vehicle ferry as it ged its way across the ocean.

We still feel it was an added bonus was that we made it safely ashore to the mainland of Madagascar, we could easily still be floating around the Indian Ocean.
and our luggage also made it (handy porter service)

As did Suzi and the mopeds

And we were soon on our way