Saying Goodbye

I loaded Thelma up and we headed out into the traffic once more, looking to get over or under a river, I managed to find this tunnel...

(another in the occasional series of don't tell my Mum I was taking photos as I rode along!)

In search of the shipping agents - James Cargo, I ended up in New Jersey somewhere and handed over Thelma to a very nice young man called Arpad, the paperwork took us very little time, then he did a visual check of Thelma, as she is so battered after the 15 years of travel that I've put her through, it didn't take long to note on his sheet that almost every panel is damaged! And before I knew it, Arpad was wheeling Thelma away into the warehouse.

I always find it hard saying goodbye to Thelma and leaving her in someone else's hands. Picking up my bag, I headed back into NYC on the train, clutching bike helmet and seat as a reminder that I'm usually a bike traveller

It was my final night in America, Sabs had a drinks party to wish me farewell

shipping without the seat


I know I'm going to look dumb here and there will be a simple explanation. I've read & reread your blog but I can't find the answer. Why did you ship the bike without the seat?

Excellent trip and blog, many thanks

Seating Required

I was in the very lucky position of having been asked to test out the latest prototype GS Adventure seat for Bill Mayer. Having given it the Tiffany Coates seal of approval after 17,000 miles of overlanding, they were replacing the cover for me whilst Thelma was being shipped and then sending the seat over to England.