Sarchu Sojourn

In the distance, the tent settlement that is Sarchu appeared, I rode into my old camp - I'm a creature of habit and like to return to my old haunts, plus I felt grateful to the guys as they'd been so nice.

Although my tent camp appeared to be quite basic from the outside.

Inside it was a very different matter

They'd transformed each tent with carpets and brightly coloured cushions. I'd been feeling too nauseous to take photos of the interior on the way up; but now I was feeling fine and wandered around a bit before heading to the kitchen tent in search of a cup of tea.

The three guys who run this camp live in this tent - using it for cooking, eating, sleeping and as their only shelter from the elements outside which at this high elevation can be quite harsh (4200m).
My eyes adjusted to the gloom and they invited me into sit down and share some chai followed by Maggi (the ubiquitous instant noodle dish which is popular in the Himalayas) and always referred to by its trade name.

To give you a better idea of the interior, I took another picture, this time using the flash on my camera

These guys come from local towns and spend three months or so over the summer in this tent and running the camp. They arrive as soon as the passes are open and then close up shop when the snows return in force.