Sandy Views

 Thelma and I headed down to the beach, I was tempted to have a quick ride on the sand but thought I might get told off

Leaving the ocean behind I headed out onto the concrete jungle that forms LA's freeway system. It's something that we hear about in films and on the telly, but it's not until you're in the solid queues of traffic that you appreciate just how bad the congestion is. I went into Brit biker mode and filtered through (lane splitting as it is called over here)

headed out towards the desert

some distance down the road noticed the lines of wind turbines on the hilltops around me, it was a bit eerie and made me feel like a lone wagon in the last century surrounded by native Indians.
Everywhere I looked there seemed to be turbines

Of course the key thing about wind turbines is that they are usually built in places where there is a LOT of wind so not a pleasing sight. I held on tight ready for the gusts but I was in luck, it was a rare wind-free day in the valley, and I soon arrived in Palm Springs at my friend's house.

A warning that it would be a flying visit...a quick catch up on 18 months of chat and happenings, a great Mexican meal with very nice margaritas (sorry, we seem to have lost the photo of the margaritas!) and then I was up and on the road at 5.30am making the most of the relatively cool temperatures at that time of the morning.
As I set off down the road, only the dog was up to see me off

I was heading to Flagstaff and had a lot of miles to cover that day, with a lot of desert to cross.__________________