Sandy Exploits

You guys are going to enjoy this

Leaving Idaho, I headed across Nevada, as expected it was hot and there's not an awful lot to see except more amusing road signs

here's one for any dyslexic Star Wars fans who may be reading

Towards the end of the day, I was getting tired and the sun was about to set, I headed off road to find a place to camp. I'd seen on my map a reservoir was marked and so headed towards it through the sandy tracks

I was doing OK until this point

For some reason, Thelma just could not be shifted, I did all the usual desert stuff of digging away and putting stuff under the wheel, pushing and pulling

she moved about 2 inches

and so I used a different tack...I don't think I've seen this manoeuvre in the handbook

the facial grimaces say it all

Finally, Thelma was back on reasonably solid ground

Feeling hot and sweaty, Ileft her there and headed off to the reservoir....
well more fool me
Being a Brit, the image that comes to mind when the word reservoir is used is one of clear, blue sparkling waters. Why on earth I didn't stop to think "Tiff, you're in Nevada, one of the driest places on the planet"?!

The reality of a Nevada Reservoir was actually something that personally I would describe as a rather large muddy puddle. There was not the faintest chance in hell of plunging into cool water, the mud was knee deep to get to the first few inches of water, at which point I gave up and contented myself with gazing at it instead

I've got to admit, the "reservoir" looked better in the dark

But then, even Thelma (Perfection Personified as a Bike) improves as the sun sets...