Salt to Geysers

Those rocky salt fields are trickier to walk across than they look

time to ride on

heading through some small villages, where life hasn't changed for centuries

Having arrived at San Pedro de Atacama after a great day of riding, we set our alarm clocks for the unearthly hour of 4.00am. It's going to be a special day if a rather long one...
We’re going to see one of the Andes Mountains’ best kept secrets, sunrise at the world’s highest geyser fields. 
The Tatio Geysers, the views are incredible.

As a side issue, I am also testing out the new BMW GS Dry suit, to do a review of it, so it was a bit ironic that my initial ride with it was across the driest desert on the planet. However the geysers gave me a chance to try the suit in the wet as I wandered through

We’re up at 4250 metres, and feeling the effects of the lack of oxygen, but it doesn't stop us fooling around a bit

We pose for pictures as the beams of light cut through the steam, giving an eerie look.
The Bolt somehow becomes our team look for the rest of the trip as you'll see.

And although it's a bit chilly in the early morning and at this altitude, I spot some pools

It doesn't take me long to get in the water as well

and a few of my group join me