From Rural Wanderings to Urban Guerilla

All too soon, it was time to depart, as I headed out onto the road, aware that this was my final long ride of the trip

I paused to grab a couple of photo opportunities in the woods on my way.

It's easy enough to head east until you reach the coast, and it's easy enough to find New York City as most the roads seemed to head there.
I had no map, no directions (not even the scribbled down and sellotaped to my petrol tank kind).

I found myself on a bridge

It was all starting to look familiar, although I've never been to New York (probably the only one of the World's major cities I've not managed to pass through), but there are enough telly programmes that feature the city, that I could work out that I'd arrived, even without welcome to New York signs. I was busy keeping an eye on the erratic driving of the vehicles around me to look for signs, although to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of congestion.

I took a random turning off the dual carriageway, finding myself in an area called Harlem...didn't they used to have a famous basketball team? I kept riding, and suddenly saw Lexington Avenue on a signpost- what luck, that's the street that my friend lives on, and here I was just stumbling upon it. However her address was a couple of thousand house numbers away- the American streets can be so unbelievably long
I rode and I rode

until finally I reached her building - she's a Brit who lives in a flat, with a good view (if you like looking at buildings)

I can't remember what they are, but one of them is the Chrysler building

  I dumped my bags on the floor and relaxed with a glass of wine, I'd finally made it to the East Coast.