Up early the next morning, we load up and off we head, this is the mountain that is in our sights - Rohtang.

As we leave town, the streets are lined with shops like these that cater to the snow tourists - hiring out snowsuits to those venturing up to see this strange white stuff at the top of the mountain

We start to ascend -safety barriers are an unknown concept over here

It's a beautiful ride

Then conditions start to deteriorate, we're above the tree line and the snow appears

This is when the riding really does start to get tricky

We're riding through slippery mud on the edge of a 200 foot drop with cars inching along next to us
There's a bit of a bottleneck ahead, you can see the queue of traffic waiting to get down and around the bend which is virtually snow covered.

And on the other side of the cars we hear some cheery Aussie voices

It's a honeymoon couple from Melbourne in Australia, who have chosen to ride across the Himalayas on a tandem bike.
We have time for a quick chat and then we move on, through the fast-flowing water on the corner and over the rocks and boulders that litter the ground. Far too dodgy for me to take a photo. But this is Barbara's face immediately AFTER she got through

I'm so proud of my riders getting safely through this first major obstacle.

At the top is a lot more snow