The Road to Nasca

Back on the road, fuelling up

Tuk tuks everywhere we looked in some towns, this is something else that's relatively new over here.

Some great mountain roads that I was able to enjoy now that my sickness was well and truly past.

The landscape is starting to change

Cactus are lurking on every bend and the air has got drier. The temperature is rising, on this particular day it went from 2 degrees centigrade to 26 degrees.

In the distance a large shape was looming...Cerro Blanco, getting closer it's easier to make out that it's the tallest sand dune in the world.

I've travelled this road twice previously and both times didn't see the dune due to misty conditions.
I was waiting for my group to catch up and so decided to take a selfy with the dune in the background

The angle doesn't always come out right in a self-timed picture and you can barely see the dune. This was the best shot out of several that I tried (above), as you can see from the following sequence of shots.
after I press the self-time button and I'm scrambling to get onto the small rock in the foreground and smile nicely for the camera

Back up on the road and I'm there as the others rode past and I got photos as they cornered or slowed down

I took off after them, one of those days when the riding is just fantastic and everyone is grinning from ear to ear at the amazing surroundings, great twisty roads and lack of traffic.