On the Road with my Sister

We rode through a market trying to find our hotel,

but even I had to admit defeat at this point and turn around, not even the cyclists were going through

We found out the hotel had closed down and so we headed tot he bungalows on offer and had one that looked like a honeymoon place

Abi decided to go for that scary travel experience where you get someone to cut your hair and the person does not share a common word of language with you!

The flicks and layers I ended up with in Georgia still come back to haunt me

Elections are brewing, the first in many years, pick up trucks with large sound systems in the back are trawling the streets playing political speeches and distorted music at ear splitting volumes, and the walls are covered in election posters - we've picked out favourites

We met another bike traveller, this is Kim from Korea who has hired a Honda for 25 days.

I do have a picture of his bike somewhere but that will have to appear later.

We'd been heading west and reached the end of the tarmac/dirt or any sign of further tracks and so went in search of a boat to continue. We had visions of something like this

We spread the word in town, and soon had a "business meeting" to sort out getting down the river.

Due to our incredible negotiating skills and low budget, the actual boat we ended up with was this

without the washerwomen I hasten to add.