On the Road

The view for my group

It's not often I get to see what the view is like for my groups as they follow me.

The foothills of the Himalayas have few major towns and reasonably quiet roads as well as some cooler weather which is a big relief for us.

We can take things easy, as we don't have too many miles to go- and of course it's great t be overseas and yet still be riding on the left

At the risk of being accused of lulling my group into a false sense of security, I have to post up this picture - rather shocking one

Showing not only a smart looking car but also a decent road AND it's got road markings

a bit of a change from what lies ahead

but we'll worry about conditions like that when we get to them. In the meantime it was all smiles

and a chance to stop for chats and to take photos

If the guys in the garage had been surprised before when I turned up on my Enfield, they were even more surprised to see a whole group of ladies on Enfields

Roadworks, so we had to stop

and in typical European (and Indian style) we filtered through up to the front - something I have been told off about in America on many occasions by car drivers who have been almost incandescent with rage.

We did have a bit of rough riding to do, on the road leading to our hotel in Shimla

It was dirt surface and wet and also seemed to run through the local rubbish dump, so the worst part was the smell
and into the hotel carpark

A debrief then we piled into a taxi to get to the top of the hill in Shimla