RN5 with a Pillion Rider

What I had neglected to tell my erstwhile pillion passenger was that this alternative ferry would dump us on a desolate bit of coast with 30kms of sand tracks to get to any decent road surface

She took it in good spirit and when Suzi wasn’t able to carry the pair of us through the deeper sandy bits, the Librarian got off and walked!

Or ran!

For those of you who have been paying attention, I got her to run on this part as a re-enactment of an earlier pic from this section of sand.
I said "I'm Sorry" to her a lot. And if she could ride sand I would have swapped places with her

We ran into a problem with some fishing ropes- these stretch for hundreds of yards from the water across the beach and beyond.

Luckily the librarian was behind me AND she has a loud voice as she was able to alert me before it became a problem.
A much needed lunch break at this spot

Typical Madagascan fare, lost of fried things

Something very dodgy looking being sold in the pink bowl wrapped in bits of old paper, we weren’t brave enough to try them

though we had a go at most of the food items
A river crossing or three on this route, all educational for my sister.
What’s known as a Double Pirogue in the business, fairly standard for bikes bigger than a moped, or so I was assured. The pirogues are tied together and the passengers get in one boat while the bike is in the other.

I usually sit by the bike so that I can hold it steady if anything goes wrong

Back on solid ground...

…or so I thought!

I hadn’t approached this bank with enough revs and I paid the price.

The best petrol station in town

And then back on the road alongside the Indian Ocean with the opportunity to grab a quick swim on the beach

Through a palm tree plantation, I’m not sure what kind they are.

Our final picture together on Suzi