Riding West to East

A final Baobab scene

Reflected in my extremely cool Ugly Fish sunglasses.
Scenes from a ride across country from more street food...

I'd initially convinced her there really was a baby crocodile in this bread!

Roadside stalls selling unusual items, and yes, I was tempted to get a life size Virgin Mary to go on the back of the bike

Buying petrol which is measured out of soft drinks bottles

A brush with the Law

We'd travelled from the dry desert landscapes of the west tot he lush jungle surroundings in the east

A puncture slows us down but our new friend Antonio soon has it in hand and gets us back on the road

The Librarian contemplates how many bananas she can fit in her luggage

while his Mum dispenses tea,

corrects my Mandarin to sound like her Cantonese and pets her chicken
Big thanks to Antonio for helping us that day

We passed some cyclists

– a lot of them, obviously on some sort of tour and we were shouting “Bonne Chance” (Good luck in French)

until we noticed they had English words on their t-shorts and we slowed to chat to one of them- they’re British cyclists on a charity ride across Madagascar.
We then went into full-on Tour de France mode, and were shouting out “Well done the Brits and Good Luck”
It was worth it to see the looks of surprise on their faces when they heard our accents.
We'd reached the Indian Ocean- the Librarian's first glimpse of it and no, I have no idea why she isn't smiling!

Tamatave – a town that always seems to be chaotic

Washing up – child labour

And we met these Spanish cyclists who were about to head north on Route National 5 –

we wished them luck, it’s definitely not a road I would want to attempt with a bicycle, it was bad enough all that sand with an engine attached to my two wheels!

We’re going in the opposite direction – to a tropical island, Ile aux Nattes just off the coast of the larger island Sainte Marie (as I know some of you like to know where we are).