Riding in Chile

Discussing routes, whilst eating crisps.

My meat-eating customers had no problems with tucking into llama kebabs

No, it's not a sign for anything dodgy but a typically Latino one that indicates the location of the nearest Ladies' Loo.

Negotiating with Customs 

Keeping an eye on the customers whilst having a break from riding

the ghost town of Humberstone, first settled in the 1860's then abandoned virtually overnight 100 years later, the place is spooky to walk around, but fascinating.

The new Word of BMW Support Vehicle

Vicuna- wild cousins of the llama and alpaca and rarely seen.

Oceanside shanty towns, the fog made me feel at home

The road north was undergoing construction and the bikes managed to get to the front of the queue of vehicles waiting to pass, a clear ride through for us without having to overtake lorries in the dust