Riding back to Leh

Riding back to Leh

I'm trying to work out which will be the best route to take, we've got the option of a bridge ahead

and we're also on the lookout for a clandestine al fresco loo stop! several
of us plus lookouts mean we end up looking like a bunch of meerkats.
Definitely NO photos of THAT moment

This MUST be the right road

WE turn around to get some photos of us without our helmets on so that our faces are more visible

and here we are

My beautiful bike in all its glory, it was around this point that I tempted fate by talking about my multiple punctures during my solo ride up here - amazingly NONE of us have had any.

A meal stop at an outdoor restaurant where I get through a bucket full of dahl (lentil curry)

Chatting to some locals, who are as usual, incredulous that we're an all-female group.

We get back to Leh, stop long enough to go in search of cocktails and then it's back on the road heading north to Khradung La - the highest road pass in the world.