Return to Sarchu

I was feeling pretty good, I had the bulk of my journey done for the day, there were a few hold ups where trucks had got stuck

but I was always able to slip through on my bike, unlike some countries I could mention, people were happy to shift their vehicles over a bit to allow two-wheelers to squeeze past.

some of them had been there for hours.
Going around a corner, I saw a familiar face - it was Vincent from Paris, whom I'd met in Manali and was also staying at Ride Inn, he was looking very local and riding a hire bike with the standard Indian-style pannier racks

Ahead, I had another mountain pass, pausing for a celebratory picture in my usual style

This was a bit tricky as the Enfield does not have as much width as my BMW and so it was a bit of a balancing act, and all while the precious 10 secondsself timer were ticking away on the camera

I descended from the pass quite quickly,
weird stagmites in a cave

A cyclist took these photos of me (after I asked him)

The scenery was changing constantly, I was getting out of the snow, back to the river valley