The Rest of the Ladies Join Me

And now it's the turn of my intrepid group.
I had made the return journey to Manali and taken an overnight bus out of the mountains and down to Delhi
and experienced other forms of public transport including the tuk-tuks (or auto rickshaws as they're referred to in India)

It was quite an introduction to the roads of India when someone else is driving - they have 145cc CNG driven engines and most are pretty rusty with holes in the floor. But what a great ride, they have the most incredible turning circle and the drivers are fearless in the heaving chaotic mass that passes for traffic in this hugely congested city.

I met up with my group as they flew in, the jet lag soon disappeared, though not helped by the extremely high temperatures, Delhi was hot at 46 degrees centigrade (114 Fahrenheit).

We had a look around the city

This is where industrial amounts of curry are produced.

we went a bit more upmarket for our meals, including this place with the great doorman

We drove out of Delhi on a minibus, though some of the traffic looks quite civilised

We would be getting on our bikes some miles away in the foothills of the Himalayas, where it's a bit cooler and quieter
In the meantime, we enjoyed the sights as we were driven

With our first mountain hotel not only having great views but also a pool with a view and cold beers

the serious business was about to get underway -

I was reunited with my beloved blue Enfield, while the others were introduced to their Royal Enfield Bullets.

I soon got them into the swing of things