Repairs Needed

and they were not my fault for a change

The previous day's idyllic looking final pirogue ride was not the best as the guys succeeded in dislodging the fuel pipe that leads out of the fuel tank on the left side. This mean that fro the whole of the pirogue journey one of them sat there with his thumb over it to prevent petrol pouring out.
The scene on the opposite bank was comical as they attempted to unload whilst one person still had his thumb on it and then they pushed Thelma along the track to a mechanic's house

Don't ask me why it takes four of them when I can easily push the bike on my own. They were all a bit subdued and concerned about what my reaction would be about the damage to Suzi.
The mechanic wasn't far away - he looks to be about 19 years old and operates out of his mother's front yard- a bit al fresco and casual but then this is Africa.

He got to work and seemed quite proficient so I left him to it- I had spotted a hotel not far away, and I was sweating like a pig all I could think was- room, cold shower - freshen up.

I returned to find the mechanic just finishing off, with the usual posse of friends all hanging around, what you can't see in this photo are the five or six younger lads also clustered and watching.

All sorted and no longer leaking. He charged me 5,000 Ariary (£1.66).

Parking the bike at the hotel I went off in search of cold beer - maybe I'll push the boat out and have two!!
There is always a slightly shocked response when I walk into a Bar over here - a woman on her own AND she's a foreigner. Especially in the out of the way places where they have very few foreigners, which this town was. But I never have any problems, and the beer is good over here.