Racking Things Up

As I was getting ready to leave, I shook out my trousers and luckily I did so, as this little fellow came flying out

Since the spider biting incident from last time, I am a bit wary about American spiders

My first night after the Adventure Summit was spent in relative luxury, in a bed at a friend's house, waking up to the most amazing view in the morning - this might look like a painting, but it was what I saw when I woke up. The bear is actually a sculpture, but the deer was real.

Riding throughout the mountains, I was heading to Jim Harvey's workshop, he'd been riding with our group over the weekend and having seen the pitiful state of Thelma's pannier rack, he offered to build her a new one.

We spent the day at his workshop while he measured and measured some more, as none of the angles seemed to match up on Thelma!!

The serious welding started happening

More checking of angles

More welding

The finished product

They look great and they will be stronger than any rack I've had before. Hopefully that means there will be no more scenes like this one in the future

This was welding...Siberian style

The racks needs powder coating, so I'll pick it up on my way back through Salt Lake City in a couple of weeks time.

Huge thanks to Jim and to his wife who fed and me and chatted.