Photos On the Road

Leaving the mountains of Colorado behind

I also took a picture of my camera set-up so that you can study my spophisticated techniques

Here's the way I do it

1. Find nice photogenic loaction
2. Think about whether I can be arsed to stop bike, set up shot and then ride past a couple of times
3. Put tank bag on ground
4. Place helmet on tank bag
5. Search for tripod (it's small), when found, place it on top of helmet

which is the scene above, obviously the camera is not on the helmet yet as it's in my hands being used to take the picture

6. Put camera on tripod, set up self-time and run like hell to get on bike to ride past, only to realise I have not clicked the shutter button!
7. Return to tripod and repeat step no.6, remembering to press shutter button this time.

I thought I was out in the middle of nowhere, but just as I was doing all this, a car came by and wondered what was going on, I reassured them everything was OK.