And the Home of momo heaven (Tibetan-style dump0lings), here is my friend Padma making them for us

I have a copy of the In-flight magazine with me, it has an article about Cornwall (home nation) and I share it with Padma and her family -

it's quite interesting to read about Cornwall from an Indian point of view, the magazine also has pictures of my village - they are amazed at the sight of the ocean pictures.

An Army truck goes past while we're eating

It's starting to cloud over when we set off again

Luckily there are some very straight stretches of road as we have reached the high plateau (this means we can cover some ground quite quickly)

This is nomad country and their yurts are scattered around

another summit
but it's actually quite cold here

we want to get a photo of us all together, and spot another bike traveller, I go over to ask him if he'll take a picture for us and he greets me with a smile and says
"Hello Tiffany"

I'm somewhat surprised - after all we are at one of the remotest and highest points in the world, it turns out he's a FaceBook friend of mine and recognised me - despite all layers of clothing I'm bundled up in.

we get the photo