Pamplona meets Pirates of the Caribbean..

I had to get back to the mainland of Madagascar and this was the boat myself and Suzi the bike were taking to the open sea in

To be honest there is a something that I would think of as a better ferry but my timings meant I was heading out in this. They quickly got Suzi on board

All was peaceful in the early morning on the beach, as I waited for more passengers to arrive; a duck seller approached and wanted to know if I was interested in his wares. I pointed out I was travelling by motorcycle and he offered to tether them, still ive, to Suzi

I declined.

and then all hell let loose when the earlier cargo, a zebu (African cross between an ox and a cow) charged back onto the beach

with half the village either running from it or chasing it
I was one of those cowering behind a tree taking these photos

this appeared to be the end of its adventures but it tossed its head, charged at the guy who had hold of the rope, who, quite naturally let go and ran for his life (with the rest of the village watching and roaring with laughter)

the zebu then changed tack, having been chasing up and down the road and the beach, it headed away from the people

and out to sea

this was on full zoom - similar to those blurry Loch Ness monster photos from the 1950's. This is definitely genuine.

At which point as it reached 1/4 mile out to sea with no sign of stopping, the boat guys ran out from the café where they were having breakfast and took to the boat in attempt to head off the zebu

Hmm, yes, well spotted, that IS Suzi acting as part of the Inshore Lifeboat rescue team, strapped down in the boat which is little more than a glorified rowing boat.

They reached the zebu, grabbed its trailing rope

and brought it back to shore at a forced march version of a swim

however, as its feet reached solid ground once more, it took off, lowered its head

even angrier than before and we had the Pamplona Running of the Bulls on a tropical beach again

Until finally, after a lot more bull charging, it was finally caught and tethered to a tree on the beach to calm down