Overland Expo Part 2

 There was a petting zoo
I'm quite fond of goats so went in to say hello

It didn't seem quite so keen on the whole petting thing

there were even bison

which to my disappointment were not in the petting zoo, but then I saw the adult ones and realised why

a bit big and nasty looking.

Entertainment was provided by the Camel Trophy guys who built a raft

it didn't look the most stable or safe of craft, and guess what they were planning to do with it??

That's right, they're going to try and float a Land Rover across the pond on it- if it was unsuccessful, guess who was chief understudy??
Yep, Thelma, who was waiting in the wings ready to be called forward.
we all watched with bated breath as the Land Rover inched onto the raft

and then cheered as it floated across

celebrations that evening with the Camel Trophy team

and then on the final evening a solar eclipse- I've never seen one before.