Overland Expo

 Flagstaff was to be my destination, I was heading for the Overland Expo
As I looked at my odometer, I realised that I'd managed to cover over 5,000 miles in the four weeks since I had left Phoenix, and yet I was just 120 miles from my starting point.
I knew I was heading in the right direction when I saw vehicles like this

Then, while I was at a petrol station, two bikes did a U-turn and pulled up, they had recognised Thelma - she's getting so famous that before I know it she'll be asking for her own Facebook page. The riders were Mark Ordway and Gaurav Jani who had literally just flown in from Delhi, loaded his stuff onto a borrowed GS and headed up to the Expo. I tagged along with them (I'm sure I was invited!)

I requested some off-roading, Mark knows many of the trails in this part of the world and we headed up Schnebly Hill Road

As always, I didn't slow to take photos on the gnarly bits, just too busy hanging on. Further up we stopped for a break and I got some pictures

As we headed up the Schnebly Hill Trail, we saw some other riders, this is Gaspard from San Diego (or possibly SoCal), not sure if he's on ADV Rider, but if anyone knows him, I've got a couple more pictures of him riding the trail on my facebook.

we paused to look at the great views

Thelma was looking particularly immaculate that day...just an hour before I got driven off the gravel by a small pick-up truck 

Gaurav was tearing up the trail- no sign of jet lag

we made it to Mormon Lake, a great setting for an event like this

There were travellers everywhere... in trucks, buses and even an old ambulance as well as the many on bikes. I saw quite a few familiar faces, including Austin Vince and Ted Simon, I tried to keep a low profile as the last time I'd seen those two, I got a bit silly after my second glass of wine and was last seen sitting on Ted's precious original Triumph from Jupiter's Travels whilst wearing a pair of Austin's wife's knickers on my head

Luckily no mention was made of the occasion, and in fact Ted even had a few kind words to say about Thelma

I gave various talks and taught some classes, generally having a ball of a time. I wondered over to the vehicle driving track to watch some of the big trucks in action

looking at the way they were driving, I was glad I travel on a bike

some were getting rescued

I, rather foolishly jumped into a land rover with Jeff Simpson, who was having a go at the tippy over course (it probably has a more technical name than that) I sat in the back, kept quiet, took photos and wondered why on earth I had voluntarily got in as the whole vehicle tipped from one side to the other. 

I informed Jeff that my Mum wouldn't be too happy if he tipped this thing over with me in it