Oregon Tyre Gone

Heading across Oregon, aware that there will now potentially be bears when I'm camping so remembering to take the tyre levers into my tent at night.
But no-one had mentioned the wolves...

Closer inspection, showed that she's actually the family pet and very friendly

She belongs to Harold at Giant Loop and he and his family were my hosts for the weekend, although I think it would be more accurate to say that I hijacked their family weekend!

First of all as I arrived into Bend on the Friday evening, there was an ominous wobble, I pulled over to find that I had a flat- yep - same tyre again. I knew I wasn't far from the Giant Loop HQ so I rang Harold and he popped out with Justin to give a hand.

They brought a compressor with them, but it only had an electrical socket type thing on it for the power. And as we all know, Thelma's power outlet died completely about 12 years ago in Mozambique.
However Justin had the bright idea of using my jump leads on the plug bit to get the power from my battery (is this making sense?) see picture below

As we were so close, we inflated and I rode carefully, nursing Thelma along to Giant Loop HQ..

We got the wheel and tyre off and found that the inner tube had a hole where it had rubbed against the plug repair- despite the guys who had put the tube in just 10 days ago assuring me that would not happen! Sometimes I wonder why I believe a single word that blokes say.

Anyway, having identified the problem, more pressing things were at hand...it's Friday evening, the weekend is starting, so we retired to the local pub to discuss my options.