Onward to Oklahoma!

I'd better get this blog update completed quickly before my dad notices I'm in Oklahoma and proceeds to sing every song fromt he musical.

The final night on the road in Kansas was a pretty one

But even so, with the temperatures hitting 111 degrees plus during the day, I was looking forward to a bit of luxury and actually staying in a house, maybe sleeping in a bed if I was lucky.(and possibly those around me hoping I'd find somewhere with a shower)
However when I reached RockyDog's place in Oklahoma, maybe lucky was not the word that sprang to mind, he assured me he had tidied up in honour of my visit

The good news was that he has electricity  and a shower with a proper shower curtain and actually quite a decent area for "My Office"

This was my comfortable office space.
However I wasn't to have much time on my computer, I was here to experience one of America's most symbolic holidays...Independence Day, and it was to be in Oklahoma small-town style

Step One:
Establish size of town

OK, 110 people, for me that constitues a tiny hamlet, but if the Yanks want to call it a town, I'm not going to argue.

Step 2:
Watch the parade

Whoops, I nearly got run over by the parade- hadn't realised it was this small (apologies to residents of Hillsdale), note the vehicles to my left, doing my Brit Abroad impression of looking the wrong way as I cross the road.

I sat down to continue watching

Step Three:

Watch various races, including the unusual three-legged sack race

Unfortunately there was a problem with the camera and so we didn't get a picture of the turtle race which I particularly enjoyed. And if I'd known, I would have gone turtle hunting the day before and brought my own one along.