Onions and Insects

Riding through vineyards and fields of various vegetables, the weather got warmer as I headed inland, reaching this place

Walla Walla, home of the sweet onion and also home to Dan

A friend who first got in touch three years ago, I said to him then that if I was ever passing Walla Walla, I'd drop by. A drink and a pastry in a very nice patisserie accompanied by an interesting tour of the town's main street and historic buildings. Then off again through eastern Oregon where I seemed to be a magnet for every flying insect known to man (or woman0).

Hmmm, not sure if that photo did justice to the insects, but it was worth getting the picture done, if only for the amusement value in trying to get a passerby to realise that I wanted a picture that showed the insects on my visor and not one of the beautiful surroundings.
I paused in Oregon only to camp in the mountains as I passed through -  keeping a wary eye out for bears. Back across the corner of Iowa (apologies to all fans of Iowa that I'm unable to do justice to its great rides on twisty roads, but I needed to get across America quite quickly at this point).
Then once more into the glaring desert that is known as Nevada, pausing only to say hello to the nice man at the petrol station in Wells again and just before that to get a photo of the Jackpot sign

Who on earth would call their town Jackpot?? One of the pluses about being in a desert is the lack of insects.

Tiffany...I think you meant Idaho...

...otherwise you were a LONG way out of your way going from Oregon to Nevada. ;-)

Hope we get to see you again some day. Maybe I can convince Robin that we need to come visit you on your side of the pond.



Ryan (and Robin and Jed and Edward and Bethany and Loki...)

West Des Moines


 Well done Ryan on spotting the deliberate mistake! 

Sorry for getting that wrong...a three syllable state that begins with I and has an O in it, I'm easily confused! Glad to see you're checking my accuracy :)

 Well why not.....they named

 Well why not.....they named a place Intercourse after all ,didn't they?