One More Night

Our delayed lunch took place almost two hours downstream (bearing in mind that the bandits have hijacked the taxi boat and so potentially have an engine while we just have paddle (and brolly) power.

We pulled up at a sandbank with little shade, a few huts with people outside watched us get out and Nasulah directed us to a shady area at the side. we were both hot and so had a swim with the kids joining in

with more kids following

Despite the muddy brown colour of the river,the locals wash, cook and even drink the water.

This child was using the cup to drink with and then just playing with the water.

The story of our near brush with the bandits was told to the villagers who were very interested.
Then a motor boat came past

They were regaled with the story and warned about the bandits

Other motor boats appeared and we realised that the "real tourists" had caught us up in their motorised boats - something we had aspired to,

but after a day and a half on the river in our quiet pirogue, we realised we actually preferred our boat. we waved as the tourists on the other boats took pictures of us

I can't think why they thought we were so odd looking...

Further on it was time for a break, the lemurs were calling to us

and we went ashore to get more photos of them

and to find the waterfall we'd heard about

The water was crystal clear and so jumped in for a swim and a bathe

We couldn't linger, we'd lost time today and so we headed on and as dusk was falling stopped at - yep, you've guessed it, a sand bank.

The guys quickly got the charcoal burners going as they prepared some food for us

With usual speed in the tropics, it quickly got dark and still the burners were going

while they were cooking, I seized the opportunity to upload some of my photos onto the computer

I think the photo was better without the flash, as you can't see how untidy our tent area is!!

This was the best night so far for jungle noises, the birds, frogs and lemurs were making a racket and adding to the exotic feel of the river.