Nubra Valley 2

We're at the far end of the Nubra Valley

-by the way, anyone else hoping to head this way - don't forget to get your Permit for the Valley while in Leh, otherwise you're not allowed over the mountain, it's apparently a bit of a sensitive area, close to the Pakistan border. I did meet someone who got turned back as he hadn't realise that he needed a permit.

That was the road leading to the village, which itself seems an explosion of colour after the hundreds and hundreds of miles we've been riding where our surroundings have been the greys and browns of high altitude rocky landscapes.

We've got a couple of days here to explore and get to know the locals

On a stroll around the village, we get invited into a house and have tea with these young women.

They're 16/17 years old and attend school in Leh - which although not too far away maybe 140kms, it IS the other side of the world's highest mountain pass, so they usually stay in Leh and only come back in the holidays when the pass is open and the snow is cleared.

They join us on our exploration of their village.

Cutest donkey foal I've seen in a long time

The English that is used is very correct and often quaint

I find an interesting souvenir

Yep folks - that is a genuine yak horn