Nubra Valley

Up on the hillsides, it's still quite a dry landscape

the roads are not in great condition, but the lack of traffic means we can make reasonable speed

and then around the next corner, what's lurking there waiting for us?

The dreaded Army lorries, 10 of them in convoy and they've been dogging our steps all day leading to hurried chai stops and speedy departures.

It takes some time due to the twists and turns of the road, but we manage to get past them, and are able once more to look around and enjoy the views- what a spectacular landscape

High on the mountainside overlooking us

A 32 metre(100 feet) statue of Buddha - at the Diskit Monastery, we only ride past for the moment, we'll get a chance to see it closer tomorrow.

and finally reach our destination for the day

- at the far end of the Nubra Valley where there is a lovely hotel in a peaceful setting. Barbara does her Rapunzel impression from one of the rooms.