Nosy Be 2

I head down to the village

and get shown around, including being introduced to the local snake who is also a tourist attraction

and a giant tortoise

I love seeing tropical fruit growing.

A scuttling in the bush and I saw this chameleon

and then a milipede appeared

that picture doesn't do it any justice as it's quite a good size, I realise that I need to take things a step further to show the size of it

Ever since the poisoned centipede bite (see page 4 of this RR), I've been a bit wary of multi-legged creatures.

Riding across the island, I have a chuckle at the roadside kilometre posts

The local hairdresser tried to tempt me in for a new style- her poster was quite amusing

I find the perfect quiet place to stay, the main action is the washing drying on the beach

How to iron a bedspread, Malagasy-style