Northern California

This is Tom (whom some of you will know), he is one of the tallest people I know and happens to live on a boat with a low ceiling.

His boat is in Sausalito and so Tom took me out for a ride to show me the more scenic areas around Marin County. Tom was on his 1200GS, which I faled to get a picture of! We headed up Mount Tamalpais (I don't even attempt to pronounce that one). Lots of twisty roads and great veiws over the Pacific, inevitably, there was fog over the Golden Gate Bridge

The next day it was time to hit the road again, as Thelma and I headed north east, into some very pretty but very sparsely populated parts of California

Yep, that's right, a population of just 35

and that looks like it was pushing things a bit when I saw how few houses there were.

Up into the mountains where I camped and got a bit chilly, I had naively worn my shorts under my leather trousers assuming I would be in desert country, how wrong I was. That night as I lay in my tent trying to sleep, my knees were incredibly cold, I had lazily only taken my tank bag off Thelma and into the tent, which meant I didn't have my pannier to hand, I delved around inside the tank bag and the only clothing I could come up with was two pairs of clean knickers (female priorities in a woman's tank bag). I managed to wrap one around each knee and amazingly it worked, my knees warmed up and I fell asleep.

The morning brought more beautiful scenery

Seemingly devoid of traffic