News about my next destination

OF COURSE I have something else in the pipeline...
Already well on the way with planning my next trip and actually setting off next month.
The South America trip was a paid stint and not my own travels, so it's time to put the money I earned to good use and choose for myself where I go...

For those who may be wondering at the breakneck speed of it all, I have to confess that the Blog has not been done in real time... due to other work commitments, it took me some time to get this blog uploaded and I have actually been back for a while from South America, so I've had more than a chance to catch my breath and cast my eye over my world atlas!

Slimbo (he who once dumped a pair of tyres and a desert suit in the middle of the Sahara as a favour for me!) is doing a scoop on my next travels on his UK radio show, tomorrow evening
Thursday 7pm to 8pm UK time he is interviewing me and will be revealing live on air where I'm next headed

So, if you're curious, tune in online, and listen. You can also send in your own questions.

Giant Loop are also involved so keep your ears open.